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Hello! As an Architect for 3 years and an English Teacher for 2 years, I have now transitioned to becoming an Online English Teacher. In my free time, I work on my dream to develop my own video game. Although I have managed a team of designers and coordinated with various consultants under demanding deadlines to construct high-rise condominiums in London and Bangkok, I find that it is more pleasurable to help other people realize and achieve their dreams. Having graduated from the University of Bath in Msc Modern Building Design and Bsc Architecture at Chulalongkorn University (and studied Bioengineering in UC Riverside, USA, and Digital Illustration at the Academy of Arts, US), I hope that my knowledge and responsibilities as an English Teacher prove my value to help you. From my experiences, I personally believe that building team spirit and trust is key to establishing smiles among my students because it enlivens not just productivity, but also enriches those around with positivity and propels them towards a brighter future. If you want to know more about me, please don’t be afraid to chat with me. Although I also love cooking and eating, I most enjoy playing tennis, watching anime, and playing video games; however, I was an award-winning artist in the past, if you would be kind enough to share some art or your dreams as well for us to dwell on. I look forward to speaking with you if my qualities may beckon me to your side. Sincerely, Max

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