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I am a holistic therapist specialising in reflexology and aromatherapy. I love to cook for my family, using recipes I have picked up on my years of travelling and I am also a singer in my spare time. I have had the pleasure of singing in various venues around the world. I always try to learn the basics of any language when I visit a new country, I find it exciting, challenging and also respectful. My love for language is what brought me to teach English, after the completion of my TEFL certification in London in 2013. Being married to a non-English speaker, and raising a bi-lingual child I fully understand the difficulties and patience required when learning a new language, as I am currently learning one myself. I have a Southern British accent and take care to pronounce my words clearly. I genuinely enjoy helping others along their language journeys. I am a happy, patient and respectful woman, who loves meeting and talking with new people from all walks of life.

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День рождения1987-11-03
ШколаBali Bisa Academy
ХоббиMusic / Singing, Cooking, Reading, Yoga and healthy living. Being a mum.
Любимые фильмыFavourite Book - Shantaram