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I have a Master's Degree in Management with specialization in Marketing. I was awarded a gold medal in Chess and a silver medal in Impromptu Speech Competition while I was in college. I was also a very punctual student and also a school captain. I am quite passionate about cars and bikes. I also enjoy traveling to new places and playing table tennis. I have worked in various fields like sales, marketing, customer relationship and IT consulting. I have several years of teaching experience. I became an English tutor because I want time independence in my work so that I can pursue other important things in life like my passion for cars and family and friends. I have really enjoyed teaching as it allows me to share my knowledge and experiences and also allows me to get to know new people and new ideas. The best way to teach English is to talk about one's ideas, memories and experiences without being too aware of making mistakes. In all these years of teaching, I have realized that my willingness to help students, listening to them and engaging with them on a personal level makes me an effective tutor.

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День рождения1986-03-01
ШколаKathmandu University School of Management
ХоббиTravelling and collecting information about cars and bikes
Любимые фильмыJurassic Park