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I am perusing my Bachelors degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. I am eager to complete my Master's Degree and Ph.D. as I would like to have a career in the Education industry by being a professor in the future. In 2015, I received my high school diploma from St. Francis Xavier Secondary School in Mississauga, Canada. My hobbies include reading books, cooking, swimming, photography and gardening. I was also part of the Canadian Air Force serving as a Flight Sergeant for 6 years and obtained my Glider Pilot’s licence. During my service, I taught survival skills, fitness and drill, and riffle shooting for 2 years. Apart from this, I have worked in the teaching industry for several years. I started as an English and mathematics tutor for elementary school children for 5 years. I also have experience in teaching mental math for students aging 10yrs-15yrs for 3 years in UCMAS Abacus Program Institution. I am also a certified lifeguard and a swimming instructor and I taught swimming to people of all ages, from toddlers to adults for 3 years. Finally, I also volunteered to be a “Reading Buddy” for children with special needs and taught English to ESL students in my previous high school. Other than my teaching experience, I have worked in many other industries such as food industry, customer service and hospitality industry. I used to work as a cashier and a barista at Tim Hortons Fast food Restaurant Company for 2 years. At the same time, I worked for Wal-Mart Retail Company in the customer service department. I was also a Hotel Receptionist at Holiday Inn Hotel in Ottawa, Canada. In conclusion, I am a hard worker who loves sharing my knowledge and skills with students and am enthusiastic and passionate about my work as a teacher.

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