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Hello, I'm Tutor Rafaelle. I graduated at the Tarlac State University with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education majored in PE, Health and Music. Wondering the connection of English to my major? Here is the story. Back in 1996, English major was not yet opened in our university and so I was forced to take up PE, Health and Music. Influenced by my aunt who works as a teacher in Papua New Guinea, I finished the course hoping to have my chance to go there and teach. Eventually the plan changed. But that was okay because I was able to practice my "frustration"to teach English five years ago for two years. And it was fulfilling.There is one thing that I have proven in myself that if you have you have passion to what you do, you will enjoy regardless of the hardships and the struggles you are going through. Be positive.

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День рождения1978-07-17
ШколаTarlac State University
ХоббиBrowsing the internet and check the jw.org page, listening to music and singing along
Любимые фильмыPursuit to Happiness